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2 Bedroom Duplexes:
1206 Top 0 Hollow: Rented
1208 Top 0 Hollow: Rented
1302 Idaho: Rented
1304 Idaho: Rented
1301 Woodstock: Rented
1303 Woodstock: Rented
1108 Top O Hollow: Rented
1112 Top O Hollow: Rented
1535 Maxwell Ave:  Rented

3 Bedroom Duplexes:
1110 Top O Hollow: Rented
1114 Top O Hollow: Rented
1227 Scholl: Rented
1229 Scholl: Rented
2211 Melrose: Rented
2213 Melrose: Rented

3 Bedroom Houses:

700 Diamond Ct: Rented
801 Onyx Circle: Available
1410 Maxwell: Rented
309 East 16th Street: Rented

Madison Properties is a locally owned and operated property management firm specializing in quality home and duplex rental properties in Ames, Iowa.  Our homes and duplexes are all located in friendly neighborhoods and are meticulously maintained.   If you are a responsible individual or family looking for a quality home at a fair price, call Madison Properties today! 




Madison Properties, LLC.

phone: 515.231.2339



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